Support policy

Last updated: 2 Aug 2019


This support policy describes what support you can expect from us for the Member Chimp plugin. If you are not sure about something or do not agree with this policy, please contact us by clicking here first before using the Member Chimp plugin.

Please note: We may amend this support policy from time to time, but any major changes to this policy will be covered in our blog. So please make sure that you check there often for updates or news.

What’s included in free support

For free users of the plugin (meaning users who do not own an active PRO license) we provide a basic level of support for Member Chimp which is provided through the plugin support forum only. This support includes the following:

What’s not included in free support

We spend most of the time developing Member Chimp and adding functionality. Therefore, due to time and resource limits, we are unable to provide any of the following as part of our free support:

Support for PRO users

Customers who own an active PRO subscription will be given high priority support via e-mail ticketing system. Which means their questions and issues will be answered first and will always be on top of the queue before answering forum questions. In addition to that, for paid users we extend our support service to cover the following:

Support Hours

We provide support and answer e-mails from Monday to Friday. We will NOT provide support on weekends.


We provide Member Chimp and its functionality as is. We don’t provide any customization services for our products nor do we provide support for any 3rd party customizations of our products. If you need customization services we suggest that you get in touch with WordPress developers on freelance sites.