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Who we are

Get to know who's behind Member Chimp and our ultimate goal

The Goal

Yes, we know there are quite a few great plugins that help you turn WordPress into an online community or accept memberships. But Member Chimp was developed to solve some of the fundamental issues that come with these solutions.

Member Chimp focuses on beautiful user interface, and ensures a smooth user experience. It is designed for real users. Member Chimp will not bloat your site by only installing the features you need - when you need.

This means you do not have to manage and install extra plugins to extend its functionality, it is all built in. The goal is to ultimately build a community and membership platform that works out of the box - with minimum resources, and highest level of customization and built-in features.

Whether you are just looking to enable users to sign up to your site, or wish to make a more advanced community with member directories, followers and custom user profiles. I recommend you try Member Chimp. It's totally free, easy to setup and will integrate flawlessly with your WordPress site.

Have recommendations or want to suggest something? Please drop me a message on Twitter.

The Project

Member Chimp is designed to be fast, secure, and efficient


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The Team

Working remotely with passion on the Member Chimp project.

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Ahmed Fouad
Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Founder of Member Chimp. Dad, passionate WordPress developer, works remotely.